Visit of the Vice President of El Salvador to the OPP Film plant

On May 21, OPP Film El Salvador had the honor of receiving the Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Oscar Ortiz, and taking a tour of the plant to verify the progress of the new Oben Holding Group project in El Salvador. The tour was also attended by Mr. Eric Anderson, Ambassador of Peru in El Salvador, Mr. Jairo Morales, Vice Minister of Cooperation and Development, and Mr. Armando Ruiz, Manager of the Opp Film Project in El Salvador.

During his visit, Vice President Ortiz was able to verify the excellent work that the entire OPP Film team has been developing intensely, complying with the proposed schedule and presenting 60% progress in the civil works. Additionally, the production machinery assembly stage began, mostly German and English technology.

“The construction of the factory is an important step in relations with Peru, the company’s country of origin, since this is the largest investment that the South American Republic has made and it is the only plant of its kind in El Salvador” added Vice President Ortiz.

The flexible packaging economy in El Salvador will be boosted with the start-up of this plant that will have two polypropylene production lines, with an annual capacity of 70,000 tons.

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